Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

The Discover phase is the most intriguing to me, but I really want to use Studio to automate tasks for my company.

The RPA starter course was very good. Better than some online courses I’ve taken at universities.

Anyway, I desperately need to automate tasks with Studio X.

A fase que mais me intrigou foi a “Criação” e é com isso que eu gostaria de trabalhar…

The phase that intrigues me the most is Discovery, and I can’t wait to work with Communication Mining and Process Mining.

The opportunity to learn new technologies and implement them is challenging and rewarding. I look forward to utilizing UiPath.

To automate some of my tedious work

To integrate creative work like ChatGTP :slight_smile:

I think its fantastic that these low code solutions allow people to build highly personalized automations while as developers, we give people this agency by building convenient tools and interfaces.

I like Studio but am also interested in task mining

I must admit that before I didn’t think that there were possibilities to automate my daily tasks but also those of my colleagues.
After taking this RPA course, I am excited to create my first AI Robot with UiPath platforms. But most of all the process sequencing; from requirement submission, analysis, Targeting tasks to automate, automate, Management, etc… All these processes intrigue and excite me at the same time.
See you soon for our 1st Robot

All of this is so cool. I want to learn all of it.

I need to automate the sorting of multiple documents coming in via emails in one PDF batch, then splitting them into separate documents to save individually such as ID document, Claim form etc
So extremely excited to see how this can be done by using RPA and a bot

automation phase intrigued me the most is the build phase and I cant wait to use the studioX

It’s a great platform and really looking forward to learn more about it.

I appreciate the comprehensive tutorial of UiPath and the opportunity to acquire Process and Task Automation, as these are valuable concepts. Thank you!

The build really intrigues me but I want to learn the whole process.

Really looking forward to using Test Suite in my own org