Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

what automation phase intrigued you the most?
The Build Phase intrigued me the most as it involves writing the essential code to translate the user actions into an automated solution.

and what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on.
Some of the core activities of the entire automation gets done here which is crucial for the entire process automation

all about RPA is amazing !! I love orchestrator plus triggers helpful thing for unattendend process

I can’t wait to get my hands on all these amazing tools. There is so much that can be done with all this tech. However, what’s the deal with the pdf file? I can’t download it. When I go to open it in a new tab, it says “access denied”, as well as a couple of long error-ID strings. Is the link broken…?

Hectic repetitive tasks are overcome by RPA using UiPath is incredible.
I wish to complete all the courses in UiPath and proceed ahead to get certified.

UiPath Platform is awesome.

It is very interesting what you learn every day. The UiPath platform is great

I like the way this is helpful. So, I would like to learn the automation

The capture phase intrigued me so much! I’m looking forward to start with that!

all of UIpath platforms is nice
i am look for build and ui path stadio

I am excited to learn about the AI capabilities as well as integration of computer vision and NLP.

I am most interested in the Automation Hub, Marketplace, and Studio. I want to see what has already been developed for my industry and I definitely want to learn how to customize robots for my unique purposes.

RPA is the future, looking forward to learn about UIPath tools.

As all young people go through the process of education they also start working at one point.
Looking back to some previous jobs i had and the one i currently have i see opportunities to help myself with work because of the high amount of repetitive tasks. Also i see opportunities to help coworkers. The estimated time just 5-6 simple automations could save up in my current workplace is 30 hours of a 200 hours monthly work time.
This intrigues me and at the same time motivates me to finish the course and, with the help of the forum, become an efficient rpa developer & consultant.

Discover and build phase intrigues me a lot. I can’t wait to put my hands on studio, process & task mining

Would like to engage with UIPath and the leading UIPath players in Mumbai for product development/integrations/expanding use cases.

wanted to shift my career from UI/API Automation Architect to RPA Architect

I want to learn as much as I can. I am ingterested in the subject of RPA.

I think RPA really brings out the inquisitive nature of a developer. You will always wonder which process can be automated and how it can ultimately make the business grow and be more efficient.

With that, I was most intrigued by the Discover and Build phases, and learning about the various UIPath tools that can help me achieve my objectives in these phases. - (Studio, Automation Hub, etc)

The discover phase most interests me as I am inquisitive so looking to see which processes can be automated is very much where my interest lies.

What automation phase intrigued you the most?
I would like to start with build and manage phases followed by Automation users. However, Process Analysts looks more promising to me. Keen to learn them further.

What UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on?
Product that can help me scrape million and billion of data from web at ease is of my keen interest.