Dynamic Structured Data from Webpage

Hey guys,

I am using UI Path Studio Community Edition. I am trying to create an automation flow in Linked IN.

Objective is to fetch the list of people that appears post search options being provided.

I have used multiple ways.
1. Data scrapping .[ Issue faced : works fine for static web elements, but not for dynamic ones]
2. Using Selectors : [Issue faced : works fine with fixed id value. but doesnot work with variable id]
3. Attach to Live Element : [Issue faced : executes successfully but no output is obtained]
4. Screen scrapping : [Issue faced : unable to fetch the element and peform the task]

Two challenges faced during automating the webpage:
1. IDs keep changing on page reload.
2. The list here is an uneven list with a deviation at 6 element. PFBSS.

Please help me and do connect to me for further clarification on this query.


When id keeps on changing, you can place id= *

Already tried it. No luck in that as well. Please suggest some other approach.