Send HTML function from Uipath to Outlook

I Create a HTML function In Body Email using send outlook Mail message, But when I add Script inside the Function the button disable in outlook, only the working fine.
My Question: The Java Script not compatible with Outlook.

Can u elaborate a little more @m.hamdan

Hello, My request is I want to send Approve button by Email from UiPath to Speicific users, the user should press this button after this action the system send automatic email to the sender.
I created this workflow using HTML code Href and PHP function, But the issue is when the user press Approve button its open the URL, I try to use java script inside the HTML function in body email but not compatible automation when the user receive an email the Approve button not clickable. So I ask if we have any solution in outlook when press approve only send automatic email without open URL?

I think u r referring something similar to these

Can u check once if any of these discussions relates to your current scenario and make the changes accordingly

Cheers @m.hamdan