Automating CRM- ticketing tool


Can you pls guide how will i achieve automating tickets in CRM

  • i need to pick one by one tickets
  • look for the relevant query
  • based on query i need to reply to the ticket in the given format

is it possible ?

Yes, it is possible. But please tell me from where you want to pick one by one ticket , i have some confusion in this first process. Explain the CRM process in brief then we can help you more in this.

This seems like an RPA candidate. It is an use case by itself and might have to analyse the process in detail.
Can you share more details?

Helo [ig250097]
Tickets can be picked only after you logged into CRM account —go to mailbox— count how many no. of tickets needs to be actioned — then pick one by one ticket - reply based on request

is this info enough ?


is the total no. of tickets are mentioned in body of mail ?
After extracting the no. of ticket do we have to reply on that mail only including total number of ticket in body of mail .

not sure how to explain the entire scenario - i cant share CRM screen