RPA for outbound sales automation


My company uses a proprietary CRM built on its own database for sales outreach. Our main customers are enterprise accounts, so the system is designed to prevent high volume, repetitive outreach to prospects and encourages personalized research for each outreach.

Recently I began working in the SMB space which requires a high volume of smaller transactions. Based on the number of accounts I have to reach it is not efficient to personalize all my outreach based on the volume required to attain my goals.

I am trying to build a RPA that will automate the 1-2 hours/day spent on manually sending individual emails to 100+ prospects. I have successfully created one that will do this for one contact in my list, but I’m not sure how to get the RPA to run through the whole contact list I have selected.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Hi @LetsGetTr0pical,

If the operation are the same you can put all the information of your contacts in an Excel. Then the bot reads that excel into a Data Table and using “For Each Row” Activity you can cycle through every contact in your list

That is certainly a good workaround and could work for the time being. It would probably take me a few weeks to convert all the contact info into an excel doc as our system does not allow for export. Everything would have to be manually copied and pasted for a few thousand contacts.

Is there a way for the RPA to understand the type of object my contacts are stored in in the web browser and have the RPA search for each subsequent object type instead of the individual contacts?

The contact list is a series of names and contact info on the right side of the page here.

Have you tried to see what happens if you try Data Scraping the Contacts Tab?

If it reads all the informations your problem is solved

Else you can try Get Text on the entire tab and then see if there is some regula expression that you can use to get the information