RDP use case using Uipath

Dear Team,
Currently we have a scenario where there is a service ticket raised in ITSM tool. Post this the ticket is picked up by the agent. He takes RDP on user machine and does the Outlook configuration related activities like creating a mail box, or creating distribution list or for does an mail box archival.

Can this be achieved by BOT to itself rather than an agent doing it. and what are different challenges one need to envisage?

Kindly advise.

Vidyanand Nayak

Hi there @vidyanand2020

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From the information that you have provided the job is ticket based, repetitive, works on windows and (I don’t know what ITSM tool is but I am positive about Uipath’s capabilities), decision based, so YES a BOT can process it.

But due to the abstract nature of your question without real feasibility analysis of all the applications, processes, scenarios, the magnitude, exceptions, the extent of UiAutomation involved there might be no definite answer.

You have to analyse whether it is worth building it and the return on investment should be preferably more - at-least on par.

Challenges :

  1. Changes in UI
  2. Applications involved might not respond so well (depends on what ticketing system you are using)
  3. Building workflow reports so that if a job goes wrong there must be a mechanism in place to restore everything back.
  4. All kinds of scenarios that the bot might encounter (better to have a document on this)
  5. EXCEPTIONS - and how to handle them.
  6. Building a configuration itself might prove to be challenging if many parameters and changes are involved.

These are off the top of my head, I am sure if you have a RPA resource that can do a feasibility check/POC then some hidden challenges might surface.

Hope this works out for you :slight_smile: