How To capture the checkbox one by one in a container



Hi Guys,

Let me explain my requirement.

Actually we are trying to automate the "Mobile Broadband-New Connection " business process, which is running on citrix environment. But some of the areas I am not able to automate and I dont know that whether that automation is feasible or not.

I am getting confused how we are going to automate when in this scenario; i.e. Actually when customer is placing order for new connection, we are proposing one number to the customer (by default it should select the top right first check box) and if its available then there is no problem and if the proposed no is not available, then it should select the below check box of the prior proposed number. I am requesting you guys, could you please help me with the solution how we are going to select the check box after the non-available proposed no.

For your reference here I am attaching the screenshot.


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