I am a beginner in IT and in the RPA course. I have to automate a task, an email (from Outlook) must be registered in a CRM. Is it possible? Is there a tutorial for this?
Thank you in advance.

Hey @Gulbara_Mambetova, Welcome to the forum!!

Your scenario is definitely feasible for automation. I hope the CRM is browser based as well.

Below are some specific tutorials that would help you. You should be able to work on you automation with the help of these tutorials. Feel free to sign up for the UiPath Academy and take as many learning courses as you want! :+1:

You always have the forum to help you with wherever you are stuck! :raised_hands:

Hope this helps! Have an exciting automation journey! :slight_smile:

  1. RPA Starter
  2. Email Automation
  3. Working with the recorder
  4. UI Interactions

Hello @kaderms,
Thank you very mutch for information.
Yes, I think this can help, I will see.
Best regards and have a nice day.

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