Automating AS400 with IBM EHLLAPI using special characters with accents

Hi folks!

Do you have any idea how to solve the below in an elegant way?
I’m trying to pass string into AS400 using IBM EHLLAPI. So far, so good. But when characters have accents (like á, é, ő, ő…etc) the characters in AS400 got distorted and replaced with a “close enough” character. Of course when a search word has these special characters the whole search is corrupted due to the replaced characters.

As a ugly workaround, I disabled the terminal activity and simply used an attach window + send hotkey combination, but pretty much I’m throwing the thing blindly. Currently the field I need to populate is at the cursor the position luckily, but if there is a layout change and a new field is added, the whole thing is collapsed…

So long story short, can you somehow force the chacarter encoding while using IBM EHLLAPI?


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can you change encoding to utf-8 in Data Encoding option on the edit entry panel.