Data entry in IBM Client Access

At the moment I have the opportunity to do some recording on an IBM Midrange System (AS/400, iSeries, System i).
I encounter a number of problems:

  1. Text Into with Clear Field will not clear the previous value from that field.
    Old value : CORRECTIE
    New value: CT TEST
    Result : CT TESTIE
    The last 2 characters should have been cleared.
    Did not try “string.empty” yet, but if that fails, how to get the correct data into that text field?
    And field lenghts could be variable.
  1. Numeric values.
    Type into or Send Hotkey will put the new values left aligned,while the old value is right aligned.
    Clear Field does not work.
    The field requires numeric data, no spaces or other characters.
    On the AS/400 (my preferred name of the system) has the Field Exit key that would clear the rest of the field from the cursor position and jumps to the next input capable field. This key is unique to this system (I think) and it generates no hex value when pressed.
    How can I enter numeric values in a numeric field, having the old value on the right be cleared?
    Is it possible to have the value entered from right to left, so it is correctly aligned?

Would appreciate your input and solutions.

Have found the solution to both problems.

Using the special key “Add” (with Type Into or send hotkey activities) did the trick. It works like the Field Exit key.

Had not looked into or thought of that option, just tried.

Thank you for your time.