Main frame automation(ibm as400)


Iam working on AS400 terminal based Application and automated a process by connecting through IBM EHLLAPI with pcshll32.dll and it is running fine but now the company is not using .dll files for connecting to terminal they are updated to java jar files to open the terminal,now iam unable to connect with as400 because there is no dll files present in the system.

Is there any solution to connect with terminal through the jar file.

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@hemadri_kamatham Hi Hemadri…Can you help me how to connect AS400(IBM i series personal Communication) using IBM EHLLAPI with UI Path.I am facing issue in connecting AS400 as its not responding.
Please mention the below fields which i need to key in:
Connection type:

EHLL dll-
EHLL function-
EHLL session-
EHLL encoding-
EHLL enhanced-(Tick)

Hi @hemadri_kamatham,

By updated to Java jar files, are we talking about an upgrade from IBM Personal Communicatins to IBM iAccess?

If that is so, the path is a bit more difficult, but IBM provides an EHLL bridge ( some details here: ) that will allow you to still use EHLL for the Java 32-bit launcher of iAccess. You will ned an IBM account to access the download.

I can only trace generic steps, but in essence it goes like this:

  1. JRE 32 bit version is needed (this will not work on Java 64)
  2. The EHLL bridge needs to be installed (it should be downloaded from IBM’s portal (read the article in the above link)
  3. Start iAccess with the bridge, the command line should be something like this: "C:\Users_user_name_\IBM\ClientSolutions\Start_Programs\Windows_i386-32\ acslaunch_win-32.exe " /PLUGIN=PCS -vm "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_181 "
    note the vm parameter at the end that enforces the exact 32 bit version to be used, just in case more JREs are installed.
  4. Start Access Client Solutions 32-bit (must be 32-bit)

You should be able to connect through EHLL at this point, just as you did for PComm before. Only the DLLs ar located within the bridge install folder (in my case something like C:\Program Files(x86)\IBM\EHLL

The setup is a pain, but it works, I had success with it in several occasions.

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Hello @cornel,
thanks for this clear procedure, I was looking for this help since 2 days !

But we are with JRE 64-bit !
Do you know the solution in this case ?