Automating Applications/Process running on Intranet

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Can we automate the application running on Intranet using UIPath i.e for LAN based automation like the company portals which only works on intranet.



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Yes we can automate intranet applications also.

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yes of course we can, its more or less like processing web automation
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Yes, you can automate applications that are running on the intranet without any problem. Irrespective of the network, if you have access to the application and to do what you need to do, you can simply write a workflow to get your task automated :slight_smile:

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Hi @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando
UIPATH Apps can used in the intranet if my phone connect the intranet with WIFI?

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irrespective of the network connection, if your machine can connect to the intranet through that network configuration, then UiPath apps will be able to access the sites without problem…


UiPath can be used even in offline
But to connect robot to orchestrator and to manage them we need web browser to be used which requires a network connection
And if it’s online the source can be from any medium
WiFi, your own internet server - it will be able to work

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