Can you run uipath automation from browser

can you run existing UiPath studio automation project directly from browser with just clicking the UiPath extenstion icon on the browser, without having installed the programs(i have already created the UiPath automation project on UiPath studio and i want it to use on another pc but i dont have installed UiPath studio installed)

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hi @sara.andonova
you can upload your project to orchestrator and run it from there

Hi @sara.andonova

No,We cant run by clicking the UiPath extension icon.
If you want to run it on another machine, Process must be published to orchestrator and a bot need to be allocated to the machine to run the process by triggering.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @sara.andonova ,

We might need to understand more on what is actually required for your case ?

We will not be able to Deploy the Robots or use the Studio without the applications/robots installed on the Server where it is supposed to execute.

We do have the cloud offering, where the Concept of Studio Web/Automation Cloud Robots/VM Robots comes into the picture, But we want to understand if this is what was asked.


But if i upload my project to orchestrator, i will also need to run it from there everytime, i thought that there is faster way

you can set a trigger for your process so its can run any time you want without clicking on it

Hie @sara.andonova

Yes, it is possible to run UiPath automation from a browser. UiPath provides a web-based interface called UiPath Orchestrator, which allows you to manage and execute your automations from a web browser.

To run a UiPath automation from a browser, you would typically follow these steps:

  1. Create your automation in UiPath Studio, and publish it to your UiPath Orchestrator instance.
  2. Log in to your UiPath Orchestrator instance using a web browser.
  3. Navigate to the Jobs page, and create a new job by selecting the automation you want to run and specifying any necessary inputs or parameters.
  4. Submit the job, and monitor its progress using the Jobs page or the Logs page.

Alternatively, you can use UiPath’s Cloud Platform, which is a cloud-based automation platform that allows you to create, manage, and run your automations entirely from a web browser. With UiPath Cloud Platform, you can create and publish automations directly from the web-based Studio, and then execute them using the Jobs page.


As you are uploading your project to orchestrator you can assign an unattended bot and you can trigger the bot at a particular time so the bot runs automatically once the assigned time match.


I tried to add my project on orchestrator and when i click on start a job: