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I have created some automations in studio and have published those to the dashboard and associated those to an environment and a robot. The question is, how can I have users in my network willingly run those automations when needed? These automations are not to be scheduled, but are to be ran when needed/required by the end-users in my network.


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Go to jobs page in Orchestrator and assign published process to any available robot and run it.

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So the users in my network will need access to the Orchestrator to be able to run certain automations on their machines when needed? Is there another way where users can run automations as needed?


You can use Orchestrator or you can create a webapp/app using Orchestrator API to do so. I have webapp where people from company are having access to, and they are able to run/stop processes by themselfs. It is connected with AD and we are able to give them access, we also can display list of processes based on AD, so different department see different processes. Orchestrator guide is realy usefull in that matter :slight_smile:

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