Automatically replying emails with outlook

Hello everyone

Please, you will have a sequence that allows me:

  1. Reply emails automatically
  2. In the mail body template assign a correlative no.
  3. Save email data (subject, mail, correlative number)

Thank you

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Hi Kazuya , Welcome to Uipath community forum
Yes , In uipath you can send emails using mail activities
Install uipath.mail.activities package in package manager
Now you can use send Reply outlook mail message
You can use a variable to store the Correlative number , and give it in mail body
Save mail message activity will save your entire mail to the given destination folder

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Welcome to UiPath community
—hope these steps would help you resolve this
—usually studio will be having default mail packages been installed in it
—so in activity panel go directly search for activity SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY to send mails
—but before that keep the string we want to send that as a mail body in .txt file
—in that text file put a place holder like mentioned this

—use Read Text File activity And get the output with a string variable named str_input
Now use string.Format method To place the value in that place holder

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @kazuya1308

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Hello Palaniyappan, Thanks for the information, I just finished my project with a tutorial of UIPATH ACADEMY.

Hello vinay_reddy, thank you for writing, I just performed my first automation with a UIPATH ACADEMY tutorial.

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Cheers @kazuya1308

Happy Automation

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