Data in excel sheet exported from SAP, how we can configure outlook with UI path

Hi UI Team,

Need your suggestion on how to link Outlook with UI Path, so I can send an email with attached excel sheet which I have extracted through SAP. I am curious to know from start (I mean from the first step).

Looking for your valuation support/advise.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Sinha

Hello @Rahulsinha

Yes sir you can do it!
you just need to use outlook activities in UiPath.


Search it in the activities panel.

Check this link out for more information

good luck!

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Hi @AlanSmill Thanks for the link and your advise :slight_smile: but my concern is on creating variables, what variables do we need to create, may be this question is simple but I have just started in RPA and want to get into it more. so wanted to know on variables which we need to create.

Example: For Account, we have to give email address (do we need to have variable if yes, plz advise)
For Body, for Subject (Which variable) and on attachment what needs to be done (I mean like how to proceed)

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Hello @Rahulsinha

Thats great.

You should create variables only if you want to make it dynamic or get some value from a certain place and than to store to further use it in your workflow
If you want it to be static That is to send to only one person every time you run your workflow than you could just type that email id in the To section of send outlook message activity
One important thing
Whenever you are typing a string put it in between " (double quotes) in your case type your email like this “Sinha.rahul@xyzcom”

In the body part type what you normally type in an email body but within Double quotes (" ") if you are typing directly or if you are reading it from a file than put the output variable of that activity
To attach file Click on the attach file button and than click on Create Argument and in the value box type the Attachment Path
Thats it

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