Automate online purchase with UIPATH

Hi everyone, I’m exploring UiPath (I’m new to RPA and don’t have the tool yet) and I’d like to know if it can be used to do the following to automate online ordering (e.g., on ASOS)?

  • From a Google Sheet, get a list of products and their associated sizes.
  • For each product, search using the product SKU/name
  • Open the first search result.
  • On the product page, select the size from the Google Sheet
  • Add the product to the cart
  • Once all products are in the cart, place the order


yes this can be automated

What product from UiPath do I need? Free version could work or I need the pro or pro trial version ? I don’t need fancy collaboration stuff I’m alone.


yes free version will work

You need to install UiPath Studio of Community Version which is a free Licensed

in that you can develop you code by using activities

Hope this helps

[quote=“Shiva_Nikhil, post:4, topic:574213”]
nstall UiPath Studio of Community Version which
[/quote]Thanks Shiva.

i thought it was a nocode tool, I’ll try to learn it but it may be challenging. Do you think hiring an expert in fiverr or upwork is worth it or it’s not so complex?

UiPath is a no code low code platform here there will be drag and drop of activities which runs on .net Framework

if you want you can hire junior developer
because it will helpful for you

cheers and Happy automation

Thanks again Shiva. One thing that is unclear is, will the automation run on my machine or in the cloud? I’m asking because at some point in the automation process I need to perform a manual task (to validate the payment). Is it possible?


yes it can be done from your machine which becomes attended

or your can run from cloud make use of Action Center for Validation of Payment which makes unattended automation

better is to use Unattended which from cloud

Hope this helps