Shopify and UiPath

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has experience with UiPath and Shopify? We have our own small business and there are things that I think we could automate to reduce mistakes and make faster.
I’ve had a search on here and there aren’t any topics I found.
There are some apps on the Shopify store that might do what I want, but if I can save myself some money and not subsidise the other products they offer, then I’d prefer to do that!

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Stephen_B

I have not used Shopify… but I could give some insight on UiPath…

Uipath offer a community edition of their tools including the robot, studio and orchestrator which you can use for free for an unlimited period of time. However, features wise there is a difference between the enterprise and the community edition. But it’s not that big difference. You can use the community version to almost everything that are needed by individuals or small teams…

Hello Lahiru,

Thanks for the reply. I have used UiPath at work but on a very limited and basic understanding.
I thought there might already be some processes that I might be able to learn from or someone may already be an expert in combining the programs.
I can take my time to learn what I need to do, however I thought I would reach out first to see what was already being done.

Examples of what I would like to automate:
Loading of stock transfer (I think I can do this)
Copying of orders from Square (our POS) to Shopify to record sales and inventory.


Essentially, I am looking for someone that might have used UiPath with Shopify and might be able to teach me a few things before I jump in.
I’m sure there are thousands of things UiPath can do in Shopify, but getting started is my main priority.

Thanks all!