Automate Office365: Forward important emails

We are going to describe in here an automation idea that can be build in Studio Web with the help of UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities.
There are never too many automation ideas, and this automation workflow can be built even by those new to RPA.

Context: What mundane task are we to automate?

Imagine you are going on a vacation, but emails keep flooding in regardless of your status or ‘Out of office’ automatic reply.
Some emails are too important to be missed, or await for your return. To have you covered, you can build an automation that will forward all the important emails to the email address of the colleague who agreed to cover for you. The same automation can move the processed emails to Archive, so that you do not have to handle them later.

Automation Steps

Step 1 - Check the emails in Inbox and mark as read

The whole logic of the automation stands on the idea that emails from your Inbox (or any preferred email folder) are regularly checked upon custom filter criteria. To iterate through the existing emails, select the activity For Each Email.
Needed configurations are:

  • Have a Connection available. If you don’t have it, created it via Integration Services’ Outlook Connector.
  • Browse and select the Email folder through which you want to verify the emails. Inbox value should work just fine.
  • Select the Importance as High, under “Show advanced options”
  • Select Mark as read as True, under “Show advanced options” , so that each processed mail is marked as read.
  • The rest of the fields can be left as given by default.

Step 2 - Forward Important emails to a predefined email address

Now that you’ve configured the step of emails verification, you should tell to the automation what you want to do with each important email found in your Inbox.

Your colleague should receive the email, so all it takes is to forward it to his email address.
For this:

  • Add the activity Forward Email within the For Each Email body
  • For the field Email select via the image, the option Saved values. Then click on the field and select the Office365Message value you’re given. This value represents the output given by For Each Email, which is every email that fits the criteria you’ve previously configured.
  • On field To write your colleague’s email address.
  • On field Body write any message you want your colleague to get when email is forwarded.
  • Don’t forget to mark the field Save as draft to False. If you leave it as True, email will be just saved in your Drafts, without sending it out.

Step 3 - Archive the processed emails

Once your email is processed, you might not need it anymore. So in order to not have it processed next time, it’s best you archive it or move from Inbox.
For this, add the activity Archive Email as well within the For Each Email activity, and indicate in the Email field the Email value from the Saved values.

Step 4 - Create a scheduled trigger in Orchestrator

And finally, to ensure that your emails are regularly checked upon, make sure to create a trigger in Orchestrator that will initiate a job for your published process at the desired time frequency.

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