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I have a requirement in which I need to download the file to a specific location from email or only few subject lines and once the file is downloaded that email needs to be mark as read and them move to processed folder. What is the best way to do it?
I know there is IMAP and outlook activies in uipath rpa. but what is the best way to do all this efficiently?

Hey @rameezimtiaz

Kindly let us know your email service provider ?


Hello @rameezimtiaz

You can use any activities based on your requirement.

If you have outlook installed in your machine, best way is to use the Outlook activities. It will directly map the account linked in the outlook application.


Hello @rameezimtiaz If outlook is configured in your system then it is better to use outlook activities because outlook activties doesn’t require server name or port number. You can also mark the email as read as there is an option in the property panel mark as read just check that property…

Hello @rameezimtiaz For this type of use cases,it is good practise to maintain a different folders in your mail box other than Inbox. Please go through below steps

  • Create a folder(may be Input, Processed) in your mail box, for Input Folder, create rules with the sender email address
  • This way you can avoid filtering option, whatever the mails sends that will sits into the folder(Input) directly
  • Use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity or any other to read the data from the received mails and download the attachments
  • Use Wait for Download Activity to make sure the file downloaded successfully
  • Once it is done move the mail message to Processed Folder

FYI - If you use outlook then it should install in your machine

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