Get Exchange Mail Messages processed forwarded email

Hi All,
We have an automation that we process the emails one by one but we realized that if an email is a forwarded one and includes the forwarded email below, our automation process the actual email plus the forwarded one. We want only to process the actual email. How can we do that? Do you have any recommendations?


Hope forwarded email subject line contains FW:. If yes then skip processing those emails.


We can filter with two keywords like RE: or with FW:

  1. Use get outlook mail activity and get the output as out_mailmessages

  2. Now use a For each activity and pass above varivale as input and change the type argument as System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage

  3. Inside the loop use a IF activity with condition like this

item.Subject.ToString.Contains(“RE:”) OR item.Subject.ToString.Contains(“FW:”)

If true it goes to THEN Block where leave it empty and if false it goes to ELSE block where have your set of activities to be performed

Cheers @aysegul