Automate liking posts on LinkedIn

Has anyone created a bot that likes LinkedIn posts? I receive a daily email containing five LinkedIn posts created by my company. I want the bot to open the email, click each post link in the email and like each post on LinkedIn. Any way to do this using StudioX?

Hey @jibroni

You can just perform UI-Automation based on the manual steps…


  1. Read the email & Fetch post links

  2. For Each link

    2a. Open it in browser

    2b. Hit the link button

Ref - UI Automation


Hello @jibroni ,

Which email service are you using? Is that outlook?
You can create your flow as below.

Does StudioX have a ‘for each link’ activity or something like that? The email has a link that opens a webpage that contains five links (to LinkedIn posts). I need to open each link and click the like button on the post.

You can use for each email and from there you can read the body of the email. Then get the url from the body and open it in the Use Application/Browser activity and then click on the like button.

Hi, I decided to go a different route with this automation. Instead of having the bot click on the link in the email, I am having the bot open the source of the link generator, and skipping it having to deal with email at all. Thanks everyone for your replies.

Hey @jibroni

Could you please explain more sorry unable to get that?