Using UIPath to Automate Sending LinkedIn Invitations

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I am looking to develop a bot to automate sending LinkedIn inviatations. I have managed to get the script to login to my account, run search parameters, which then returns a list and a number of pages. Can anyone help on how I can get the bot to work down the list, clicking on the send invitation button and when executed the list, select the next page and loop again?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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You should probably use a loop on the names in probably a table with for each row activity with a read csv /read range activity.
Then, use a type into activity to print the name there.
Probably give a delay of 30-40 seconds till the profile is loaded using a delay activity.
Later use the click activity to send invite button in the profile.

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Did you get the solution how to do it?

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Are you still searching for the solution of this issue?

Yes. Is there a way to do it?

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Yes, I have already created it. I will share the workflow with you today evening.

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Would you be able to share that with me too, please? Thx!


Please find the workflow, there are still some exceptions that i have to resolve, but you will get it, when you see the workflow. LinkedIn Job (23.0 KB)

Hope you guys find it helpful.


Hi everyone,
Need Help
I want to make bot as if user is not connect than send invitation and if already connect than ignore ,many users in loop