Looping through multiple element and clicking on each one

hi there!

I am looking fro a way to loop through the inbox of linkedin (in recruiters view) bij clicking on each mail once… Have done the data scraping tool and got all the info on each line. But i actually don’t need the info from there i just need it to click and select the mail. (the info needed apears after selecting the name). its not really a link so i cant do a for each row and open the link. I also tried the find child activity but i have no idea how that works or how to put it in a loop :blush:

I’ve added a picture of the aproximate layout of the inbox.


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Simple way way.

  • Use datascraping to fetch all mail subjects.
  • For each item in dtMailsubjects
  • Use click text, with text as item.

Other way

  • Check selector of first mail. If there is any attribute as row id .
  • Use click text and indicate the first mail.
  • Use an increment counter and replace it in place of row id in click activity.
  • Once the mail is open, use attach window and perform your process.