Automate Sending LinkedIn Messages

I am trying to create a bot that sends a message to all the profiles listed, go to the next profile and the next, and hitting the next button and then send to all those profiles and then keep going until reached the last page of the next buttons. I created “app/web recorder” that is working fine, but it keeps going to the same person and I am quite embarrassed as that person has received 5 messages from me (I could not press stop in time). I need to know how to send messages to all the individuals that come up in my search.
Sending MEssage

Sequence.xaml (38.3 KB)


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Hey @Antoinette_Smith

When you click on the three dots to start sending a message to a person. The target selector for it will be holding the person name which will obviously click on the same person & proceed.

Either use wildcard or make it dynamic which may help.