How to connect remote machines

I am unable to perform action on RDP as UI elements are not detecting thru activities. I need this to be done thru RDP only and I cannot install UI-studio client on remote instances.please advise me.

Hi @ks185332,

Use Citrix recording for remote machines.

@lakshman, I have an application on remote server where I need to do automate on that application. So as you said using citrix recording will help this to automate. Will clicks and keystrokes are work on remote machine ?. I need to read the data thru CSV file and enters that data into application. Is it works on RDP.


Is that CSV file is on local machine or remote machine ?

@lakshman that is on local machine

Hello there,

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Yes you can automate click and keystrokes will work on RDP.
CSvV in local even better for the automation. :slight_smile:
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@ddpadil when i run wolr flow i am getting this error image

I used an activity called Open Application to open the desktop application. given the .exe file path
but getting this error please advise.

Looks like error from application not from UiPath .
you mean to say application in local system or application in rdp?
if it local use Start Process activity and pass full .exe path.

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