Extracting Google Shopping Data Problem

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I am a new user of Uipath trying to build my very first automation process to get the product price from Google Shopping result.

So basically, I want to create a sequence to READ data from a excel sheet and using the data from Excel sheet to search in Google Shopping website and extract the result (product price) and Write to a CSV file.

The sequence is working, but having some problems :

  1. Keep opening new browser :
    For example my excel file has 2000 rows, that will create 2000 browser tabs doing the process. However, the browser website is also “https://www.google.com/shopping?hl=en-GB

  2. When the “search key” is different, the extraction is not able to be finished.
    For example : The 1st row from the excel is the product name = “Adonit Pixel precise pressure sensitive stylus” and we use the “Data scrapping wizard” to set up the web extraction process. When it comes to the 2nd , 3rd row with the different product name will not able to extract anything.

Here is the screen capture :



Cat Y.

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Hi @Cat_Yung,

  1. Your current code has the open browser activity inside the for each row loop. So it will open a new browser window for every row in you excel. I would suggest to put the open browser acitivty in front of the for each row activity. and then add a navigate to activity instead of the open browser acitivity inside the for each row loop to navigate back to you start url for every row in your excel file.

  2. I think that there is some hardcoded value in your selector of your data scraping that includes some part of your first search item. Please check if you can do the selector more dynamic by using wildcards like ? or *

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Hi @Cat_Yung

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What i can suggest is to use Reframework for these so that you can segrate the concerns.
Like @schwarzp saying your open browser activities was inside of the ForeachRow Activites so if you have a lot of rows in datatable it will alway open the browser same as the count of your dattable.

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