Copy something out of an excel in an application

Hey everyone,

it is the first time I will create something automated using UIpath. I used dataload before which was an automated tool as well but had far-less functionalities in relation to what uipath can do.
I took a fairly simple process and want to use this to start learning on how to create automation within the uipath studio.

I have an excel containing around 30k lines out of this excel I need to copy a customer number and then go to a second program.
There I need activate the program window and then I need to use the key combination ALT +F1 to open the search bar
paste the customer number in the default field
press enter
then push change (or use key combination F2)
then change three values and push enter (data can be found in the excel as well)
next, I need to watch out for errors and if there is any push right arrow key and enter and move to the next line (would be good if I can put a note in the excel like ok or not ok)

In Dataload this was a fairly simple process but since it is not able to “read” the information on the screen it will block upon every error message you get which is annoying after a while. £

I guess my first question is how simple is this in uipath and my second is then is everthing I want to do possible in uipath.

I have no sql background so far so I’m following some lessons on Udemy to get me started

Hi @Nicolas_Janssens,

Welcome to the community. Based on the requirements of your project, UiPath can be an amazing tool to get the job done! I do not see why you would need any SQL knowledge to get this job done. I suggest you start with the UiPath Academy Foundation Training to learn the basics. You can find it here .
If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out on the forum.

Happy Automating,

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Thank you so much for your quick response.
The training I’m following is partly Python but also specified information for Uipath (I did not know at first that there was an academy. I will start following these lessons as well.
Have a nice day