Automating Online Shopping Tasks?

Hi, can your software be set to carry out the tasks below in the specified numbered order?

  1. Launch Excel at a specified time each day and open a specified Excel worksheet.
  2. Then launch internet browser and navigate to a given link supplied in the Excel worksheet.
  3. Login to the website.
  4. Add item to cart.
  5. Scrape and record details of the cart to the Excel worksheet.
  6. Repeat for all rows in the Excel worksheet
  7. Save Excel worksheet.
  8. Next day automatically repeat the same tasks using the same Excel worksheet. Except save scrape details in a new column in the same Excel worksheet.
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Hi poman,

Yes, you can.

In order for the workflow to run every day at a specified time, you can use Schedules in Orchestrator.

More details in the user guide:

You have an example of scraping a sales website in the following post(and also adding a new column with the new scraped results). Hope it helps:

Would you please share the Excel about website shopping automatically? I’m interested on this and looking for some examples. Many thanks.

can you please explain how you have added cart in this?