Issue with passing DataTable to Action Center where column is of type List<String>

I am able to import the datatable into Action Center, but the issue is with the column of List.

In Action Center, that particular column appears as a dropdown.

After running the Create Task Activity, the issue with this dropdown is that items are getting auto-selected as shown below:

The last item in the dropdown is getting auto-selected.
Ideally it should remain empty, and the user should select an item from the dropdown.

Since it gets autoselected, the condition I have provided to enable the Submit Button remains true.

It should remain hidden until the selection takes place, but since the item is autoselected, this is the issue I am facing.

Help would be most appreciated, thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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hi @ashwin.ashok

in the Form Designer Drop down list component’s Data tab check if you have updated the default value with option variables

Hi @AdityaVN ,
Thank you for your response, I have tried that as well and even tried reverse logic i.e., if our list contains the Default Value, then it should remain inactive, but for some odd reason that rule doesn’t work either.

Ideally, this should work, but maybe because the list is coming from a datatable?
I’m not too sure.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hey @joseph.yoon, @paras.gera, @sangL, @loginerror, @Pablito

Could you please help on this.


Please see a similar thread here by another member from Speridian Technologies

You might be passing a list to the dropdown key, which is not correct.
You should instead pass a string to it and the list of options should be passed to <dropdown key>_dropdown. You can check what we recommended with some steps.

Also, do check our docs for dynamic and cascaded dropdowns -

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Hi @ashwin.ashok,

Please refer my comments in below post.

This sample project reference on dynamic dropdowns in Action Center might help you as well.