Citrix Automation types

Citrix Automation in uipath is nothing but Native citrix automation? or this is one of the types available in uipath.

I have a requirement of automating citrix application. I cannot install any extensions or anything of that sort in the client server. What is the feature i should be using? Do i need to install any chrome extensions etc.?

Citrix Automation is specific to UIPath. For automating Citrix machines; OCR activities, Sending Hot Keys will be used.

Hi Ramesh,

Before UiPath Studio v2018.4, We could automate Citrix based applications using image-based activities only. In Studio v2018.4, UiPath introduced a feature where you can get selector for Citrix based applications as well (Native Citrix automation) which will make Citrix based automation easy, simple and less prone to failure.

In order to enable Native Citrix Automation:

  1. Install Citrix receiver in your Local machine
  2. Install Citrix extension (Available in Studio v2018.4)
  3. Install UiPath Remote Runtime in Citrix Application Servers

You can find more details here: Configuration Steps


Hi Tuhin,

Could you please explain more on what to install in which machine.

  1. UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi is the only thing we install in Citrix Server right?
  2. Rest all like Studio, Citrix extension, Citrix receiver, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop should be installed in local machine right?
  3. To take control of the Citrix server for automation, XenApp access is enough or Xen Desktop is also needed?..Right now I have only XenApp access

Hi @rameshgp43

You’re correct on 1. and 2., as per this diagram:

As to 3., XenApp is enough, also see the diagram :slight_smile:


So these are more specific to Citrix environment Virtual Machines…
Can we even implement these over Windows server virtual machines also…? which are connected through Remote desktop protocol.

Can this ICA protocol work on works on Remote desktop connecting Windows Servers too…?
Sorry if i was unaware of anything…

Hi @saiteja8,

Though we are calling it as citrix automation, it’s fundamentally image-based automation that we are doing here.

So as long as you have a stable UI that is visible, u can go ahead with the automation of any remote desktop

Okay…thank you ramesh…

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