Authentication timeout in Orchestrator

Hi, is there any way to increase the login/logout timeout in Orchestrator cloud? Having to log back in every 30 minutes is not productive when we work in Orchestrator all throughout the day


That 30 mins is configured by default

You may change it by changing that timeout value by editing Web.Config

This the parameter needs to be changed


Parameter Description-
The amount of time after which you are automatically logged off, in minutes. By default, this is set to 30 minutes.

Official Documentation:

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I’m wondering, do we get access to web.config if we are using Orchestrator Cloud?



Hey bro, good catch that it is a cloud orchestrator. We do have an option to generate and keep the .config file also

so @Samantha_M
I think, In Cloud we will have something to check in the Resource (bottom left corner, in home page of cloud if logged in as admin) → Settings → Orchestrator. We will get the configuration settings from there

i have not used Cloud Orchestrator in Enterprise but I will check in community and edit the comment here if something new is found.

The concept of web.config remains the same but in cloud it is just that we need to download the resources as I mentioned above.

To make change, I see only way is to get the help from the technical support team of UiPath.

There is a dedicated Cloud Orchestrator support portal:

Maybe anyone can enlighten us to do it on our own.

Hello Rahul,

what is the max time for ‘Auth.Cookie.Expire’ value ?