How to set the Session Timeout [automatic logoff] for Orchestrator website

How to set the session timeout for Orchestrator website, when it is idle for some time?

Step by Step guide:

  1. Set <add key="Auth.Cookie.Expire" value="2" /> in web.config for Orchestrator and restart IIS. Here 2 signifies two minutes. Time should be set accordingly
  2. Make sure to clear browser cache and cookies 
  3. The feature is available from 2018.2.3 (tested) 
  4. These changes will not work on the home page, as the quartz trigger keeps on updating the charts on the home page at some regular interval and that is the reason it stays idle. 
  5. Using API we cannot change bearer token expiration as 30 min is default value set and cannot be changed
Auth.Cookie.Expire - The amount of time after which you are automatically logged off, in minutes. By default, this is set to 30 minutes.