Attended/unattended robots examples

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Can anyone give me examples for using attended robots and examples for using unattended robots?
thank you

A detailed explanation is here: You will like it.

if i have a form to automate and i have to enter its data from an input dialog , should this be done with attended or unattended robot?

Like it says, no human intervention is unattended since your form filling is dependent on a users input thats out of the picture.

Not sure why you will use input dialog to automate form entry. :roll_eyes:

For example:
I had an exercice in the level1 of the uipath academy (Web recording)
I had an input dialog i had to type the name of a city and the robot will search for the tempature of the city
The fact that i typed the name of the city does it make the robot that i used attended ?


This Robot is designed to cooperate with employees in business activities where human intervention is required. It resides on the employee’s workstation, triggered when needed by direct command. A discreet collaborator, it acts in the background while the staff continues with uninterrupted work, delivering high productivity and low handling times in service desk, helpdesk, and call centre activities.

Operating without human touch, the Unattended Robots are the key to maximized cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. Provisioned on the Orchestrator from either physical or virtual environments, they can be scheduled to self-start and run efficiently in batch mode. Access them remotely, with scheduling, workload management, reporting, auditing and monitoring all securely centralized.

Thank you Nadim for your reply

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