Attended Bot Features


I need to know all the features of attended bot. Please help me out in this process. Share the features of attended bot from your knowledge. It will be helpful

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  • Attended RPA bots are like virtual assistants, helping individual employees with their tasks to boost productivity.
  • Employees trigger a bot and interact with it as it helps.
  • Managers can orchestrate tasks between people and bots and coordinate across internal resources

You can refer to the following link for more information


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1)Attended Bots will work on our Local machines with we may able to Trigger the bots and which works on our local machine.
2) Unattended bots will work on any Virtual Machines /RDP.


  1. Attended bots works within human supervisison.
  1. Unattended bots work without human supervision.


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We can trigger Attended bot from user machine and we can also run these bots from Assistant directly, their is no role of Orchestrator Schedules here.
Attended bot are helpful when we want to work in parallel and we want the bot to run in PIP mode.
Attended bot plays role where we want user to enter credentials through dialog box instead of storing it in Orchestrator or in windows manager.

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