Attended robot with Runtime license

Any one using attended robot with Multi user concept?

Means is there any way you can switch the attended robot license to different users based on run time.

For e.g., We have 3 attended robot licenses, currently its configured in User1,User2,User3 in Machine1…

The agenda is to use the license in any machine and any users.

Is is possible ? Will floating robot helps ? Orchestrator version is 2022.

Yes This is possible. If you have 3 users created in your users tab, you can according shift licenses to which ever user you want like in my case I am using orchestrator 2020.


I just disable the user to which the attended license is assigned and enable on the other user to which I have to assign it


Like this

I don’t have an idea how this works in version 2022, but I assume it’sthe same

This is a manual task every time we need to do know ?

And are you using classic folder or modern folder in orchestrator ?


Please check this …I beleive its a similar scenario

Hope this helps


Yes It’s a manual task and I am using classic folders