Attended Robot Node Locked - Can different users login one at a time to consume the license?


For my client, I have an attended robot (node locked) installed on a machine and connected to orchestrator. While creating a new robot for it in the orchestrator, I have provided “Domain\username” (let’s call this user id as “X”)

When user “X” goes on leave, another user from the same team (let’s call them “Y”) would like to login to the machine and execute the processes using the attended robot.

Is this possible without changing the “Domain\Username” value provided in the orchestrator for this robot or should they change the “Domain\Username” value every time before user “Y” can use the robot?

Hi @santhosh_krishna,

  1. Node Locked licenses come into picture when you don’t own an orchestrator
  2. I think what you mean is Named User Attended Bots. This type robot is linked to a User ID (As defined on orchestrator). Hence in your case when User Y logs in the robot will be unlicensed.
  3. Solution : Buy 1 Concurrent Attended Bot license. Then you can have 1 attended bot license & you can create many Attended Robots tagged to a machine. Since at any given point in time only one user can be logged in to the machine, who ever login will have a license (Given that a robot for that user ID is defined in the orchestrator)



You can further simplify this by automatically creating an attended robot for the user in their User Robot Settings when using Modern Folders along with a Machine Templates



Thanks for your suggestion @Nithin_P

So If I have 1 attended robot concurrent license allocated to my tenant, I’d be able to create more than 1 robot for the same machine in my orchestrator. Is my understanding correct?


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Yup, I read about this too. However, we are using 2019.4 and have not gone ahead with the folder options.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will keep this mind when we upgrade to the latest version.


Yes, you are right.

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