Attende robots sharing

Is it possible to share one Attended license between multiple users?

But in theory you can switching license manually between two PCs but they can’t work in the same time.

Not even using the Floating Robots for Attended?

But floating robots works like that one user can use many machines

According to the Robot/Machine Interaction

  • Standard Robot - works on a single Standard Machine only, namely the one defined when creating it. This is ideal for the scenario in which a user always works on the same machine.
  • Floating Robot - works on any machine defined in Orchestrator, be it Standard or Template, as the machine name is not relevant when creating it. Only Attended and Development Robots can be floating, and as such, they become licensed automatically when you open the Robot tray. These types of Robots only work with Active Directory users and are useful if the machine you want to add a Robot to has a different name each time it is spawned, such as for Non-Persistent VDIs. Same goes for hotseat environments, where different people are working in shifts on the same computer.


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There are usually two types of users in Attended bot

  1. Named user
  2. Concurrent user

The Named User license is used for granting a single specific user access to the UiPath platform at any time on any machine.
While the Concurrent User license indicates how many users can access the UiPath platform simultaneously, as it is not assigned to any particular user, so when the number of users who are using the platform surpasses the available concurrent licenses, additional users will not be able to access the platform until it is freed up by other users. These 2 license types apply towards the use of Attended robots and Studio.

So you can try with Concurrent user in your case

Cheers @Bhargavaksomarouthu

Hi @Palaniyappan

Concurrent user license is already discontinued in current license model and it’s superseded by Multi user license. However Multi user license needs special add-on to use and 3 users can uses at same time per a license.
See the following document in details.


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