How to run attended robots from orchestrator

I have few attended robots that i run from UiPath Assistant. for that purpose i have to install UiPath Assistant on every machine that i want to run a robot from.

What is the process to run an Attended Robot from orchestrator so that i do not have to install Studio and Assistant on that machine as i have multiple users using that automation.

Hi @Bilal_Anwar

If you run the automation from orchestrator,it would become unattended automation.


Till 2018 version we were able to run the attended bot from orchestrator. In newer version we can’t run attended bot from orchestrator.

Attended bot → You need to run via Assistant only there is no more option.
Unattended Bot → Orchestrator allows you to run, Schedules triggers.

Is there any other way that i do not have to install UiPath Assistant and can run robot directly from that link?

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