Attended bot training

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Is there any online training available to learn attended bot? I am looking for a way to create an interface for the agent to start automation, once done notified and start other process automations from that dashboard. Is there a way we can do that? If you can you share your experience of developing attended bot that would also help as all I want is to get comfortable in developing attended bots.

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Hi @Siddarth_Nair regarding course, the RPA dev path in our academy covers Attended Automation use cases, so it might help you. From what I understood, you want to have a interface to launch attended robots first, them you want to that these robots launch other robots automatically, right?
For the first part, the Desktop Agent (new name for the old Robot Tray) can help you. All attended automation should be launched from it. For the second part, it doesn`t seem an Attended scenario, looks like you are searching for a Unattended robot.

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Thanks @Artur_Bueno for your valuable inputs! I was able to gather theoretical knowledge on attended bots from the dev training but on how to setup, how it looks, how to create an attended bot and explore its capabilities - I haven’t seen any online material on that yet. (1) Can you please help me with that?

Actually in the business process we have, some small subprocesses we can automate rest needs manual intervention. It is like agent starts the bot >> after a point needs to notify agent >> agent then does some manual steps >> starts another subprocess automation >> agent is notified again once done >> starts another subprocess and so on. You see, its ad-hoc and cannot be run in unattended mode. So I was thinking is we can build something like a dashboard for the agent which can serve as a single screen to control all the process automations. (2) Does UiPath provide any such attended bot feature to showcase dynamic dashboard and control automations from there for the agent?

I think the best way to do it, is to develop a simple workflow to each subprocess automation and make it available in the Agent Desktop. As you can see in the screen. So after the user get notified that the first process already finished and he need to manually input some data, he can activate the next process. AgentDesktop

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Thanks for your valuable inputs @Artur_Bueno. But here the agent has access to all the processes. Is there a way in this attended bot to enable or disable processes, as in initially only 2 processes are shown and once done those are disabled and new processes are listed - something like these?

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The idea is to allow the user to see all processes he can run, but in Orchestrator you can define what processes the robot can see. That been said, you could create a “master robot” or a system that verifies which process was executed and activate the next process through Orchestrator APIs. Im not sure why this would be a requirement though

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