Agent Desktop - Ideas needed

Agent Desktop - Ideas needed

Now that we released the first version of Agent Desktop, we’re looking into what should we build next. And for this, we need your help :superhero:

So, I’m asking you: what do you think is needed for a better attended console? Besides widgets and scheduling, what other capabilities would make Agent Desktop the one-stop-shop for RPA consumption?

To kick off the discussion, here’s some of my ideas:

  • starting unattended processes (mini-orchestrator)
  • seeing your own tasks inside the tray
  • seeing your execution history.

What do you think? What other ideas do you have?


having interactive UI for Agents and talking to bots


I think key to win the attended automation space for UiPath is to add the following functionalities in a robust way:

  1. Background processing without locking the screen of the agent
  2. More robust event handlers and triggers; addition of event listeners and connect them to Agent Desktop
  3. Drag & Drop and flexibility to edit the pop-up windows and create GUI design specific to agent’s needs.
  4. Able to run pre-emptive tasks (multithreading) simultaneously when agent is performing a task.

Hope this helps!




It would be great if the robot tray could quit by itself when it is idle for some specified minutes.
This will be very helpful when concurrent licence is used where some of the licence are locked though they are not under use.


Parameter passing to the Processes, as of now there is no option to pass a parameter to Attended robot processes, and the work around is to either ask user using input box, of use a config file to read everytime if there is a requirement of passing a parameter or value to the process.

Its better if at runtime it will auto pop up some sort of input dialog for the number of parameters/Arguments in the process.



If their job kick off has been added to a queue then the number of jobs/estimated time before their job gets run?


Better to have the process sort order option too.
As of now the processes are sorted in Alphabetical order, better to have an option to keep them in different order, like recently used to least used ones, Alphabetical order, least used one to recently used, or based on their execution time (maximum time to minimum time taken or vice versa).



Have a function similar to WRITE LINE combined with MESSAGE BOX…Call it DISPLAY BOX. It would have a non-interactive popup window that displays the write lines so that non-programers could see the current running process/steps of the robot they were executing.


keyshortcut to stop a process



First of all i will say big thanks to you and Uipath team to brought great feature and it will be very helpful for all of us and especially who don’t have Orchestrator to schedule the process.

When the schedule triggers, it will remind the user that a process was scheduled to start and ask for run permission. After Clicking Yes only it will start. Could you please make this option as optional. So that if we want then we can enable this option else not.

And also it would be great if you add on option to check logs of the running process through Agent Desktop.


Any way we can track the percentage of the job completed ?


The option to customise the trigger from the bot tray itself is a good feature to take care
It will be good , if develop the triggers like
File change trigger , Mail trigger , popup trigger etc for attended bots and these triggers should be available in the bot tray , so that any attended process can be switched to any trigger based on the requirement at that particular situation
It will be a good option to attach any attended process to any type of trigger manually from robot tray


it would be great to have the option for repeating processes not only on daily/weekly/mothly basis but also to be able to run it fro example every 30 minutes Just like scheduling tasks in windows task manager or so.



čt 28. 11. 2019 v 18:59 odesílatel Radu Tapus via UiPath Community Forum napsal:


openspan/now pega robotics used to be the ONLY one desktop attended bot software.
The features of all those and capabilities can be thought of and built around.
Event handlers of clicks on a specific component.
Background processing
Agent Dashboard, parameter to pass data
Start, Pause, Resume, Stop of processes
Offcourse in desktop/attended bot and user cannot click at same time
this is a training issue. if some is expecting that then its desktop and unattended bot to pass the work to be done and get back even to continue. like the TASKS in orchestrator.


Hi all,

My name is Olaf and I am working closely together with Dr. Udo Mayer (Siemens GP PO) / Erlangen.

I am not sure if I understand your e mail in the correct way. If you are looking for some hints how to improve UiPath Desktop ? and if that means Recording ??, I would recommend


For me as a learner with Software back ground late 80’s (Fortran 77 and Cobol) I would recommend to make all the recording functions more easy. Fore sure I NOT a Software Guy but

all these different Record-Options are making me crazy. Most of the things I am running did not work. To much settings, to much details.

Wo in the business world should use this beside his Business work ?

So, If I am allow to recommend something. I am not looking for more and more functions, I would be happy if the toolset will work and do that what your marketing is promising. Easy to

Or, may I am too stupid. Could also be the case -:blush:

With best regards,

Olaf Huthmacher

Siemens AG / Gas and Power Division.


I’d like to see an option in Robot/Agent Desktop to remove/delete published packages from the list when not connected to Orchestrator. Or and “Unpublish”, if you will. Packages can be removed when connected to Orchestrator, but not in stand alone mode.


My best wishes and congratulations to my UiPath team, I said my uipath because it has become a part of my life :blush:, for coming up with features that helps to build the digital transformation in a robust way
And the most amazing thing is getting feedback, feedback is very important for a product to meet the customer need at its best level,
applause :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: For the team…

We have got improvements in Robot Tray interface from 18.3 itself
With features like
Resizeable, search for processes, Choosing language in settings…

—I was wondering though like these stuffs could be included in the Robot Tray - User Interface like
—Getting the logs for the process from robot tray itself for specific process once after its run
—Update the package version of a process in robot tray itself or Rollback feature
—Frequently or mostly ran process to be listed at the top under a specific category and the least below to it under a category like how we have segregated the activities in activity panel with Frequent category
—Right click option in robot tray to open Package folder so that we can fetch the nupkg file of those tagged processes

Cheers all
Once again
UiPath…amazing as usual


Thanks for your email. I will definitely let you know you know soon.


I have an idea.

How about a tray.

This try would work as an input argument for a robot.

So for instance if I had a robot that processes invoices in SAP.

Rather than opening the robot and then selecting a folder, or doing an extra step, I would like to DRAG them to a specific robot and then it would recognize that
the idea is that the robot will process them.




There are many inspirational ideas already. Here are some my thought:
1/ History of job execution with access to log of that particular run
2/ Event driven job execution (triggers)
3/ User input disable during front end job execution (with only hot key allowed)

Still I believe any new features should be selected having the user of the Agent in mind. Sometimes less is more.