Attended bot in VM best practice?

If we are looking to run a process on a VM (no orchestrator), is it best practice to use an unattended bot? I know using an attended bot is possible, but disconnection from VM due to timeout can pose issues with the bot running. Trying to figure out if anyone still develops attended standalone bots on VMs.

If you have no Orchestrator, you cannot run unattended automations. We have certain situations where attended automations are run on VMs, and don’t have issues. Why would the user disconnect? The timeout shouldn’t be triggered while the automation is running.

The timeout would usually be because the user’s local laptop goes to sleep (if they decide to step away while the bot runs), thus severing the connection to the VM. Some IT policies have laptops sleep after a few minutes of inactivity

those options are possible. But if the process is running all the time, the computer / laptop will not sleep.
And if the process is manually activated by the user, this user will “wake up” the computer.