Can we run attended bot in background if we switch to another VM

I have never worked on attended bot, my client has license to attended bot and they want to check if we can work on other activity while bot is running. In my scenario we need to login client URL manually and trigger the bot for bot agent. after login no human intention needed

Once they trigger the bot from bot agent from prod VM, can they switch back to other VM, bcoz duration of bot execution in 90min and they dont want to sit idle till that. It’s a Web automation with click and typeinto functions

Will attended bot run like unattended bot in web

NO @n.krishna.moorthy

It will not run may be enabling the simulate click can work on some cases but Attended is meant to be run in the opened VM

You need Unattended to run the interactive process in the background


even if VM is in login status and we switch to other VM? then also we wont run

When a attended process is running the VM should be opened in the screen @n.krishna.moorthy

May be you can try like download the Virtual box

and open the VM inside virtual Box and run the process and they can minimize the virtual box and do their work

But before suggesting to your client try from your side once


Thank you @Sudharsan_Ka will check from my end first

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