Attached windows and first activity not working

Hi All,

I am having a problem with fully automating my robot when switching from one IE explorer to another IE explorer via attach activity but the first first activity click activity fails.

I have attempted to do the following to no avail:
-Using the Recording method: web and desktop
-Using the UI Explorer to redefine the click activity selector’s details
-Making the first activity on attach to refresh the page followed by the click activity
-Placing a delay between attach activity and first click activity
-Attempted the switching between SendWIndowMessages & SimulateClick and none

I have to manually do the first click then the other activities work fine as long it is within that one window.
I am unable to use Chrome as the web applications are set to IE functionality.
If anyone can assist that would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hi @chend
Does any of the solutions suggested in the thread below will work for you?


Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately the post could not assist with my error.

I should have clarified that the two windows have different web applications open, different names.
It is switching window to window but it is very slow which causes the first activity to fail.

I have attempted to delay the first action by searching for element before starting, which worked for a few days but now the same issue is occurring.


Have you Reset the IE?

Open IE go to settings click on internet options
Navigate to advance tab and reset it…


Hi rahatadi,

I do not have this option as it is restricted by admin settings.


are you on uipath 2018.3xx ?
this is known issue in this…and to resolve this issue you need to reset browser…

Hi rahatadi,

Yes i am using Studio 2018.3.2.
I will get IT to reset my browser. Do you require to reset the browser often? or is this is just a once off?


once in while…

if it allows please switch to 2028.4