Working with multiple Internet Explorer pages

I am currently developing a Robot that will have to work with multiple windows of Internet Explorer, with differente URLs.
My Attach Browser activities work fine and recognize each separate window.
The problem is it has to switch between the pages a few times.
My question is: how can I bring to front the Internet Explorer Window that I am currently working in ?
so far I only used simulate type / click, but both me and the client would feel a lot more comfortable if it could bring each window to front when it uses it.


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Hey @PetreN

What about Activate window? activity?


It works great.
I guess, I didn’t look well enough in the activitaties pane. I will do so in the future
Thank you

I am having the same exact issue however I don’t have an activate window option… I tried show window that did not work, I tried restore window, I tried get active Window… Any other options?

Thanks !