How to work on two browser windows with same title

Below is my scenario,

On parent browser I will click on button and new browser will open. New browser’s title is same as old browser one. Even selectors are exactly same & hence, I couldn’t work on new browser window.
Every action I do it happens on first browser window only. Is there any way out, to identify both as different.

Hi @jadhavsiddh,

Can you try to use uiexplorer to get exact selector.

There you may get aaname,title,idx,id any one value may be differ.
Can you check on that

you can give manually if you are opening new session
First Browser <html title='*' idx='1' />
Second Browser <html title='*' idx='2' />


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Hi @jadhavsiddh
Try using hot keys like alt+tab to switch windows

Thanks. But I got resolution. I have used URL in selector and it worked.

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I am having the same problem, but in SAP. So, couldn’t use neither this URL fix nor the idx because it is not always a new session.
is there any other fix for this issue.

Can you try to use the Attach Window Activity for each window you have? In the output Property you could create a variable that holds that window. Maybe you can keep it separate this way


Try using recorder for both the windows and check their attach selector. Most of the time recorder picks the unique selector. Or else you have to crawl on UiExplorer from top-down approach to check what’s the difference between two windows.

Thanks for the help. Attach window activity with variable in output property worked for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You. It works :slight_smile:

Imagine the site http://somesite568 allows you store names of paintings and the price at which they were sold most recently. It has (1) an overview page which lists all paintings. It has (2) a detail page which shows 1 painting, and it has (3) an edit page where you can change the price of a painting. Now, the Detail and Edit page both have the same title and the same button. In practice, when you use the recorder UiPath for recording a button click, the robot will not always be able to distinguish between Detail and Edit pages when both windows are open. The trick, like jadhavsiddh said is to include the URL in your selector. So if you want to click on screen 3 “Painting Edit” and not screen 2, add following selector to your button click activity:

<webctrl id=‘buttonUpdate’ tag=‘button’ class=‘btn btn-default’ url= ‘http://somesite568/Update/*’ />

In my case, this worked for me! I used idx=‘2’ to work with the second window my process opended! Thanks a lot!