Need to automate activities in a new window

I need to perform type into and click activities in a new window opened as a result of previous automation running in the same application. I tried Attach Browser/Window did not work.

why attach window doesn’t work ? You attaching to not correctly window of the same application ?
You have to check and adjust selectors and based on that use attach window.

Hi Thank you for the reply.
I tried using Attach window to select the new window for my next activities but i could not do Type into and click activities in the same window. Got error message as input method CPI chromium is not acceptable.

Which application you try to automate ? Could you share selectors ?

The application i am trying to automate is Windchill - PLM software.
Here is the selector details (“”) for the Type into activity.

Error message received see below

Ok. But you sent only properties without view how selectors for both windows looks like.
Can you share screenshot of UI Explorer ?

see below first window’s UI explorer selectors

Second window’s UI explorer selector