Attach Windows not working

Hi all.

I have an application that can be “indicated” only if UIPath “run as administrator”.
The selector is working and the Window appears “Validate”, but when I run the project, the Attach Window failed.
This only happens with applications that need to be managed from UIPath as admistrator.
If I working with another application (without the need for “run as administrator”), the attach window working fine.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Can you help me to understand why “Attach Window” does not work in this case?

  2. The offending application started with a simple user, not by administrator, because UIPath must be launched as an administrator for working with the app?


It might depend on privileges and how the app is launched. Does UiPath launch it or is it a user without the elevated privileges?

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I tried in many ways:

  • UIPath in admin mode app run from UIPath

  • UIPath in admin mode app run as normal user

  • UIPath in admin mode app run as administrator

  • UIPath in user mode and app run from UIPath

  • UIPath in user mode and app run as normal user

  • UIPath in user mode and app run as administrator

I have the same issue, the Attach Windows (but I have tried also with element exist) the action not working, but the selector is validate.

I have this problem only with 2 app (among those I have tried) Pulse Secure & Forti Client.
With other application, the action working fine.



I have tried another situation.
I have run as administrator the app where the Attach Window working and… the action not working!
Does not work nor with uipath run as administrator nor whit UIPath run as normal user.


I was facing the similar issue and i followed the steps provided in the article below.

Hi neonova.

Thanks, i have check my registry and the key is correct.
But yesterday I have received ad automatic windows update (KB4505062).
Before yesterday, in reality, the my project worked fine

I have uninstalled and reinstalled UIPath and now work fine.

Thanks to all!


Great, please mark the appropriate solution so others can benefit in future