Attach Window is not working

i am trying to automate Attachmate Reflection application (NICE). i am able to connect terminal session for this but, at the time where we have to enter User name.


here i am using attach window, but it is not recognizing this as a window and even not creating any selectors for this window. what is the reason behind this and how to resolve this?

Hi Sachin,

are you using Recording(Desktop recording)?
use it once, it will generate automatically


Recording is also not working on it neither Desktop Nor Basic.

@Sachin129, Try to provide some delay after attach window and check if it works.Also attach the exact
window without any background

I am already trying to attach a specific window but still not working. this the reason why i like Coding only. :frowning:

@aksh1yadav Have you any solution for this?

I have the same problem, when I open a window for the first time and then a menu within it, it does not work for me to attach a window, the menu disappears, how can I do it?

Same issue here. Every type of Recoring or “Indicate on screen” just closing after clicking window wiethout creating any selectors. Please help! I’m doing everything as in courses…

I encountered the same problem. I clicked on “Indicate window on screen”, then clicked on the UiDemo login window, nothing can be selected. UiDemo

I have the same Problem. No way to get a selector …
Is there a solution ?

Try open Uipath as “Run as administrator”